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If your doctor needs to see how one of your organs looks and how well it's working, you may receive a test that combines nuclear medicine with X-rays. This test is called single-photon emission computerized tomography and computed tomography (SPECT/CT).

How It Works

SPECT is a form of nuclear imaging, which gives you an injection of radiotracers tagged for an organ or certain cells. The radiotracers give off a tiny amount of radiation that shows up on a special camera and reveals blood flow and cell activity. The CT scan uses X-rays to show the structure of the inside of your body. Together, SPECT and CT show your doctor more than either test shows alone.


SPECT/CT provides:

  • 3D imaging
  • Clear, highly detailed scans
  • Excellent precision

Your test requires the least possible amount of time and radiation because of our advanced SPECT/CT scanner. That means you'll return home sooner after your scan and have less risk of side effects.

Why Do I Need SPECT/CT?

Your doctor may order a SPECT/CT scan to check for:

  • Blockages or scarring in heart arteries after a heart attack
  • Bone and joint conditions, especially small fractures not visible on X-rays
  • Tumors

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