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Visitation Policy

Please contact the Intensive Care Unit for visiting guidelines and hours.

Critical Care

Intensive Care Unit

Count on the critical care specialists at Virginia Hospital Center to provide life-saving care when you or a loved one need it most.

What’s Critical Care?

Critical care is also known as intensive care. In our 28-bed intensive care unit (ICU), doctors have the equipment and technology they need to treat severe, life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

Who Needs Critical Care?

You or a loved one may get care in the ICU if you experience:

  • Complications after surgery
  • Breathing problems
  • Infection, like sepsis 
  • Organ failure 
  • Traumatic injury, such as injuries from a car crash

Intensive Care Services

Benefit from the latest diagnostic technology and treatments, including:

  • Advanced cardiac monitoring equipment
  • Catheters and tubes to deliver medications, fluids or nutrition
  • Kidney care, including dialysis
  • Neurosurgical care, including advanced neuro monitoring with or without surgery.
  • Pulmonary care, including breathing machines, called ventilators
  • Imaging services, such as diagnostic imaging scans

Coordinated Care Around the Clock

Feel peace of mind knowing you have around-the-clock access to a multidisciplinary team of experts that are lead by critical care physicians. Our team will personalize your care to your needs and adjust your treatments as needed.

Compassionate Care

You’ll receive the highest quality care because our ICU staff is made up of skilled and empathetic caregivers. You’ll have prompt, attentive care, so you can focus on healing.

Family-Centered Approach

Your loved ones are an important part of your life and well-being, and the care you receive at Virginia Hospital Center reflects that. Trust our providers to provide patients and their family members with:

  • Emotional and spiritual support
  • Respectful, high-quality care and attention