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Breast MRI

When you select Virginia Hospital Center for your breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedure, you’ll benefit from advanced technology and an experienced care team to analyze the results.

What’s a Breast MRI?

A breast MRI is a noninvasive test that creates hundreds of images of the inside of the breast. A breast MRI can show signs of a problem a mammogram may sometimes miss, especially in women with dense breast tissue or breast implants.

Why Is Breast MRI Done?

If you have a personal or family history of breast cancer, or other factors increase your risk, your doctor may recommend annual breast MRIs and mammograms.

A breast MRI scan can help diagnose breast cancer. It also can help your doctor stage cancer (see how much it has grown and spread) so your care team can plan the most effective treatments possible.

What to Expect

You’ll receive an injection of dye. The dye shows up in the images the MRI creates and helps your radiologist analyze the results.

During the scan, you’ll lie face-down on a scanning table and place your breasts in a low part of the table. The table will move into the opening of the MRI machine while you remain as still as possible. Throughout the procedure, a trained technologist will monitor you and be able to hear you through a two-way intercom.

How Long Does It Take?

Your breast MRI may take up to one hour.

Your Test Results

Ask your doctor when and how you’ll receive the results of your breast MRI.

Because an MRI is sensitive, it sometimes leads to a false-positive test result. This means the test results show you could have breast cancer when you do not have the condition. Count on your care team to help you take any needed follow-up steps to get the information you need.

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