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MercuryMD Delivers

Any Hospital physician with a PDA now has clinical patient data right in their hands the minute they walk into the building, thanks to MercuryMD, a new clinical delivery system for patient data that's compatible with most handheld computers.

Data is sent directly from the Hospital's LastWord system to the physician's handheld device, either wirelessly or through sync stations, without any manual data entry. Simply by entering the Hospital and synchronizing, physicians will be updated with the latest information on personal and group census lists, patient demographics, lab and diagnostic reports, medication orders, and transcribed reports.

With instant access to up-to-date patient data, MercuryMD promises to allow physicians more time with their patients and less time retrieving information. It gives you access to patients' x-ray reports, lab results, and consultations wherever you are.

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For more information, please call your IT Physician Liaison on the Physician Hotline 703.558.8600

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