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Published on July 11, 2021

Virginia Business: Va. Hospital Center receives $5M gift from Arlington CEO

Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington has received a $5 million donation from longtime donor Lola ​C. ​Reinsch to promote the hospital’s campus expansion efforts.

“We are honored to receive this gift and would like to thank Lola and the Reinsch Pierce family for their enduring commitment to Virginia Hospital Center,” Virginia Hospital Center Foundation President Tony Burchard said in a statement. “This generous gift will have a tremendous impact on our efforts to expand the hospital’s reach, helping to transform the health care we can provide to our community. Philanthropic commitments and generous gifts such as these are crucial in allowing VHC to continue to lead in innovation and patient care.”

The hospital is constructing a new seven-story outpatient pavilion, which will allow the hospital to increase its capacity by 100 beds. The expansion will also include updating the hospital’s parking and adding more than 1,270 parking spaces.