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Diagnostic Tests

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Get the information and professional medical guidance you need to make informed choices about your health. Trust the experts at Virginia Hospital Center for cardiovascular diagnostic testing.

The type of test you have to find the cause of symptoms or monitor an existing condition depends on many factors. Rest assured our team will provide accurate, prompt results, answer your questions and help you take any needed next steps.

Heart-Health Tests

Take advantage of the most accurate cardiac testing options and the expertise of our team to analyze the results. We offer:

  • Echocardiogram – Creates pictures of the heart to check how well it pumps
  • Lab tests – Check a sample of blood or other bodily substance for signs of a health problem
  • SmartScore™ – Uses computed tomography (CT) scan imaging technology to detect calcium deposits in the arteries
  • Stress tests – Measure how well the heart responds to exercise (usually on a treadmill) or medications that mimic the effects of exercise

Heart Rhythm Tests

To diagnose an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia), you may have:

  • Electrocardiogram, or EKG –Measures the heart’s electrical activity to look for signs of heart disease and abnormal heart activity
  • Electrophysiology (EP) study – Tests the heart’s electrical activity
  • Heart monitoring – Tracks your heart’s activity through a wearable device such as a Loop recorder or Holter monitor
  • Tilt-table testing – Looks for the cause of a fast heartbeat or fainting by changing your position quickly to see if your heart rate and blood pressure are affected

Heart Failure Monitor

If you have congestive heart failure, your cardiologist may recommend placing an implantable monitor in an artery. At Virginia Hospital Center, our team has experience successfully placing the CardioMEMS® device, a piece of advanced technology that safely and reliably sends data about your heart condition to your doctors. Ask your cardiologist if this option may help you manage symptoms, prevent complications and avoid emergency hospitalizations.

Vascular Tests

To gain insight into the health of your blood vessels (arteries, veins and capillaries), you may receive:

  • Ankle-brachial index – Compares the blood pressure reading from your arm with a reading from your ankle to check for peripheral artery disease (PAD)
  • Doppler ultrasound – Measures blood flow through the veins or arteries using soundwaves
  • Pulse volume recording – Looks at blood flow through the arteries to find signs of a blockage

Your Treatment Plan

Access comprehensive cardiovascular care with a personalized approach. Count on your Virginia Hospital Center care team for treatments like:

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