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Calypso Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Get prostate cancer treatment with fewer side effects, and enjoy a better quality of life. Ask your doctor about Calypso® at Virginia Hospital Center, one of the few East Coast hospitals offering this technology. It's the only FDA-approved tool that tracks tumor location in real time, so radiation targets just the cancer and avoids healthy tissue.

How Calypso Works

Using tiny nonradioactive devices called Beacon transponders, Calypso continuously tracks the location of cancerous tumors. Your doctor can implant these rice-sized beacons into your prostate during an outpatient procedure.

During radiation therapy, if the tumor moves, the radiation beam turns off until the tumor comes back into range again. The real-time 4D position and motion information make sure radiation goes precisely to your tumor, not to surrounding healthy tissue.


Research has shown Calypso patients had fewer side effects related to bowel urgency and frequency, fecal incontinence and urinary irritation. They also had fewer sexual side effects. Studies have also shown Calypso patients have lived longer, healthier lives.

Dr. Bobby Hong

Technology Lets You Live Your Life

“When it comes to cancer treatment, one size does not fit all. We’re not only trying to establish a cure for the patient, but we also focus on using treatments that promote good quality of life.

"Once treatment is completed, managing side effects is just as important. We want our patients to be able to function in their everyday lives with as little interruption as possible, so they can still go to work, take care of their family, etc. Calypso and the other advanced radiation therapy technologies available here make that possible.”

Robert Hong, MD, medical director of radiation oncology at Virginia Hospital Center.

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