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Phone: 703.558.6740

One-to-One Health Assessments

Screenings provide information to better help you manage your health. Unless noted, you will receive immediate results & counseling during your appointment. Screenings are held in the Health Promotion Department, located at the VHC Health Shirlington Campus.

Schedule an Appointment: 703.558.6740

A1C Diabetes: $25Cornelia Lesh, Manager of Community Health at Virginia Hospital Center

Finger-stick blood screening for diabetes.

Body Fat Analysis: $15

Assess your percentage of fat, muscle and water using Futrex machine.

Bone Density: $35

Osteoporosis risk assessment using ultrasound of heel bone.

Cholesterol: $25

Finger-stick blood test determines total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides and glucose.

Dermascan: $10

A non-invasive, black-light scanning device examines the head and neck for potential or existing sun damage.

Hypothyroidism: $35

Finger-stick blood test to assess thyroid function. Results mailed.

Hemoglobin: $15

Finger-stick blood test. 

High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein: $35

Finger-stick blood test. Results mailed.

Vitamin D: $50

Finger-stick blood test. Results mailed.

Resting Metabolic Rate: $55

Measures the number of calories you burn at rest, which is an important measure in assessing nutritional needs and helping you achieve weight management goals.

In the News

“It is the belief of the health promotion department and the hospital that our role in the community is to provide a continuum of care. We want to help people stay healthy, treat them if they get sick and then help them with their recovery process.”
      — Cathy Turner, Director of Health Promotion & Senior Health, Virginia Hospital Center.

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